June 17, 2023

Ethscriptions: Creating Digital Artifacts on Ethereum

Read this to know everything about Ethscriptions!

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Everything You Need to Know About Ethscriptions

Everything you need to know about Ethscriptions. Image Credits: Ethscriptions.com

Ethscriptions, short for Ethereum Subscriptions, are a novel way of creating and sharing digital artifacts on the Ethereum blockchain using transaction calldata. By leveraging the decentralized nature of Ethereum, Ethscriptions offer a secure and trustless method for creating and transferring unique digital content.

Quick and Easy

Creating an Ethscription is a straightforward process that can be completed in just 60 seconds. The following steps outline the process:

Convert an image to a Base64-encoded data URI: Using a service like base64-image.de, you can convert an image (up to ~90KB in size) into a data URI format (data:image/png;base64,...). Although Ethscriptions support all data URIs, images tend to work best.

Convert the data URI to hex: Utilize an online tool such as hexhero to convert the data URI into its hexadecimal representation.

Send a 0 ETH transaction: Send a 0 ETH transaction to the desired recipient, including the hex data from step 2 in the "Hex data" field. This transaction serves as the creation mechanism for the Ethscription.

Wait for appearance: After a short period, the newly created Ethscription should appear on the website, provided that the same content hasn't already been Ethscribed. Duplicate content is ignored to maintain uniqueness.

Transferring Ethscriptions:

If you wish to transfer ownership of an existing Ethscription, follow these steps:

Find the Ethscription's ID: The ID of an Ethscription corresponds to the transaction hash of the original creation transaction. You can obtain this ID from Etherscan or the Ethscriptions website.

Send a 0 ETH transaction: Send a 0 ETH transaction to the new proposed owner, including the Ethscription ID in the "Hex data" field. This transaction signifies the transfer of ownership.

Updated ownership: After a brief period, the Ethscription's owner should be updated on the website, assuming you were the owner when initiating the transfer. Unauthorized transfers are disregarded.

Tracking Ethscriptions:

To track Ethscriptions, you have multiple options:

Use the Ethscriptions website: The website itself provides a convenient way to track Ethscriptions and their ownership.

Build your own indexer: If you prefer not to rely on external services, you can develop an indexer that follows the rules of Ethscriptions. Historical data can be obtained from BigQuery, and real-time data can be accessed using Alchemy APIs.

Technical Details:

Ethscriptions operate based on specific criteria:

Creation of Ethscriptions: Any successful Ethereum transaction whose input data, interpreted as UTF-8, represents a valid data URI creates an Ethscription. The data URI must be unique and can support various valid mimetypes, although images are recommended.

Unique content requirement: To maintain uniqueness, no Ethscription from a previous block or an earlier transaction in the same block can have the same content.

Valid Ethscription transfers: Any Ethereum transaction with input data matching the transaction hash of a valid Ethscription is considered a valid transfer. The transaction sender must be the current owner of the Ethscription.

Future Developments:

The Ethscriptions protocol is constantly evolving, and upcoming features and improvements include:

Metadata storage: Enabling the Ethscription of a JSON object with keys such as content-uri and metadata-uri to support metadata.

Compression: Implementing gzip compression for transaction input data to enhance storage efficiency.

Encrypted messages: Exploring the addition of encrypted messages within Ethscriptions.

Contract compatibility: Allowing Ethscriptions to be transferred conveniently through contract interactions that emit specific events, while maintaining decentralization.

Approvals: Considering the inclusion of features similar to ERC721 that enable marketplace transfers

More info at Ethscriptions.com

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